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Workshops and Teaching.

Phoebe is an experienced workshop facilitator and teacher in dance, acting, movement, physical theatre and puppetry.

She has taught students from the ages of 2yrs-90yrs in: Primary Schools, Secondary, Colleges, Drama Schools and one off Master Classes & Workshops- so whatever your needs give her a message!

Her workshops are completely tailored to what your looking for but will always draw from what she has learned through her own practice as an actress.

Topics have ranged from:

  • Performing puppetry

  • Laban

  • The physical actor

  • Creating an Ensemble

  • Release/Contemporary Dance

  • The Moving Actor

  • Physical theatre building blocks

  • Audition technique (aimed at colleges with students wanting to pursue vocational training)

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Have you got a DBS?

Do you have your own transport?


Do you only teach in London?

No, I don't even live there!

I’ve never worked in a physical way before, is that a problem?
Absolutely not, in fact that's probably a good thing!

Do you do stage combat workshops?

No I don't- I’m not a qualified stage combat teacher so I wouldn't feel comfortable leading that. If your looking for a stage combat workshop I recommend these guys: APC- They are awesome.

Are you a full time teacher?

No, I’m a full time actress and currently working in the industry.

If you are running a puppetry workshop do we need to provide anything?

Not normally no.

Do you do motion capture workshops?

No I don't but these guys do: PCUK, so if its a skill you want to learn I recommend starting there.

Do you only teach Drama School Students or Students who are training vocationally?

Nope. I can come to you or if you need me to organise a studio space that is also possible.

My students are studying physical theatre practitioners as part of their A levels, can you facilitate something to support that?


What are your rates?

Rates depend upon the project, what you want, group size, room hire ect so send me a message outlining what you are looking for via my contact page and I’ll send you a quote.

I’ve participated in one of your workshops and want to access the material you use, how can I?

Easy! Just go on over to my: ɪnspɪˈreɪʃ(ə)n page, there I list all my playlists and sources of work or send me an email lets chat some more!