Stuff I like and use and may be useful for you— I’m awful at spelling so brace yourselves.

Rice Resonance.

This is what my dissertation and research project was based on and what now inspires a lot of my movement direction work.
The fragments of rice or salt used here replicate what happens to the particles in our bodies when we hear music, which I believe is why we all move in a different way. We are all made differently therefore sound vibrations create different patterns in our bodies causing us to inherently respond to that movement in our most natural and unique way! The way we move and dance is literally in our DNA, which is wicked. I could talk about this for hours so if you want to kill a few of them just say rice to me and I’m off.

Pina and Christine.

Christine and the Queens are queens. I’m a huge fan of her music and if you want to buy me tickets to her next UK gig that's absolutely fine with me. Beyond her music each time she performs it really is a performance in that her songs are dance pieces with the chorography taking inspiration from Pina Baush (legend). Pina and Christine are just legends and if you like them then you are too.

This is a good playlist. I use Christine’s music all the time.

Here’s a little wicked video of one of Pina’s most famous works ‘The Rite of Spring’. I know there’s some more articulate articles written about her out there- I’m not very concise but just take from this that you need to watch Pina’s work.

Pina website.

Wes Anderson.

All time favourite film director. I’m aware this makes me every hipster stereotype going but he’s been my top director for YEARS now… so I got there first.. just saying. If you haven't watch any of his films they are in a nutshell all very ascetically pleasing and symmetrical. I love the straight humour and detail within not only the story and the acting but the art department too, for me its the personification of visual harmony. (What a twat).

Here’s me having the time of my life at Bar Luce a café he designed in Milan- honestly that sounds more fancy than reality.

Here’s a list of his films you should watch:
- Moonrise Kingdom -The Grand Budapest Hotel - Fantastic Mr Fox - The Life Aquatic - Rushmore
- The Royal Family Tenenbaum - Isle of Dogs

Here’s the soundtrack to Fantastic Mr Fox. I use this a lot. And drive to it a lot- its just happiness on tap.

Hofesh Shechter.

Just watch. Incredible.

Website: https://www.hofesh.co.uk/


Ballet Rambert are THE dance company and school (in my opinion). I’ve never not come out of one of their shows completely inspired and in AWE. They are machines and the work is completely beautiful.

Here are some pieces that I’ve seen (multiple times in some cases) and are imprinted in my mind as stunning. Watch here and watch them live, best theatre out there and as an actor watching dance can be twenty times more useful than watching a play. Trust me.

They also run adult classes if that's something your in to- they are great and really inclusive if your worried about your skill level.


Links to artists and playlists that I use:

  • Aracade Fire

  • XX

  • Alt-J

  • Christine and the Queens

  • Jaime T

  • James Blake

  • Inala (Zulu Ballet)

  • Trex

  • Joan Armatrading

  • Rolling Stones

  • Jack Johnson

  • Fantastic Mr fox soundtrack

  • The boat that rocked soundtrack

  • Scott pilgrim vs the world soundtrack

  • The Who

  • James Bay

  • George Ezra

  • Bad Company

  • Fleetwood Mac

if you've been to one of my classes or workshops the music I used is most likely here. Big old mash up.


Heres a list of a LOAD of great classes and places that run workshops and professional development programmes:

  • The Place

  • Monobox

  • Rambert

  • The Actors Guild

  • The Actors Centre

  • Casting Workshops

  • The Actors Class

  • Masterclass

  • Rambert

  • Instrational Circus Centre

  • Curious School of Puppetry

  • The Pappy Show

The Two Shot Podcast.

This is the podcast to end all podcast if your feeling de motivated and at a dead end with acting. Have a listen and feel re inspired. Its just loads of actors talking about their career path and its a very affirming listen if your feeling a bit lost.


Woodland Trust .


The woodland trust is a charity I feel MASSIVLY connected to. Their websites below for you to look at— the conservation of our British woodlands is so vital and as a result something I actively try to contribute to.

Trees in general are a gift, the more we can realise this the better. Below is a documentary Judi Dench did about her love of trees, its a great watch.

Woodland Trust Website

Dench Programme

Company’s, Theatres.

Here’s a big ass list of a loads of great company’s and theatres to have on your radar, always adding to this one.

  • Gecko

  • frantic assembly

  • complicite

  • fretza bruta

  • The Pappy Show

  • Rambert Two

  • punchdrunk

  • DV8

  • Jasmin Vardon

  • 1927

  • Brunskill and Grimes

  • Goblin

  • Flabbergast Theatre

  • Maual Cinema

  • Dead Rabbits Socity

  • Kneehigh

  • Wise Children

  • The Vaults

  • Asylum

  • Gyre and Gimble

  • Southwark Playhouse

  • Tall Stories

  • Canal Café

  • Tristian Bates Theatre

  • Soho Theatre

  • Story Pocket Theatre

  • Theatre 503

  • The old Vic

  • The globe

  • This is my theatre

  • engineer

  • The New Diorma

  • Bristol Old Vic

  • Young Vic

  • The Donmar Wearehouse

  • Little Angel Theatre

  • The Unicorn Theatre

  • Polka Theatre

  • Illyria Theatre

  • The Handelbards

  • The tricycle

  • The Kiln theatre

  • The Barn Cirencester

  • Sommer Hall

  • The Minack Theatre

Book List.

Just a load of good reads- some are acting books some really arnt, I like Biographys. this isn't a list of plays to read (There’s too many) but you should just read plays its a good idea and the NT & Royal court have great bookshops.

  • My Life in Parts- Brian Cranston

  • Only blow the bloody doors off - Michael Cain

  • The Achelmist

  • Wildlings

  • Tuesdays with Moray

  • Wes Anderson Collection

  • Notes on a nervous Planet

  • The Year of The king, The Year of the Fat King, The Year of the Mad King,
    The year of the Fat Knight - Antony Sheer

  • Different Every Night- Mike Alfreds

  • Bartenieff, I. (1980) “Body movement : coping with the environment” New York : Gordon and Brench

  • Black, LD. (2014) “Mindfulness in Movement: an investigation of practicing mindfulness in improvisational dance through the lens of non-attachment” Oregon: ProQuest

  • Bogart, A. (2005) “The Viewpoints book : a practical guide to viewpoints and composition” New York : Theatre communications Group

  • Brook, P. (1972) “The Empty Space” England: Clays Ltd, St Ives plc

  • Callery, D. (2001) “Through the body, a practical guide to Physical Theatre” London: Routledge

  • Chekhov, M. (2014) “To the Actor, on the technique of Acting” USA: Martino Publishing

  • Darley, C. (2009) “The Space to Move, essentials of movement training” London: Nick Hern Books Limited

  • Dennis, A. (2002) “The Articulated Body, The Physical Training of the Actor” London: Nick Hern Books Limited

  • Donnellan, D. (2002) “The Actor the Target” London: Nick Hern Books Limited

  • Fernandes, C. (2005) “Pina Bausch and the Wuppertal Dance Theatre: aesthetics of repetition and transformation” New York: Peter Lang

  • Graham, S., Hoggett, S. (2009) “The Frantic Assesmbly book of devising theatre” Oxon: Routledge

  • Grotowski, J. (1968) “Towards a poor theatre” Denmark: Odin Teatrets Forlag

  • Hackney, P. (2002) “Making connections: total body integration through Bartenieff Fundaments” New York: Routledge

  • Hagen, U. (1973) “Respect for Acting” New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • Lamb, W. (1997) “Body code : the meaning in movement” London : Routledge and Kegan Paul

  • Lecoq, J. (2006) “Theatre of Movement and Gesture” Oxon: Routledge

  • McBurney, S. (2012) “Who you hear it from” London: Complicite

  • Meisner, S. (1987) “Stanford Meisner on acting” New York: Random House

  • Moore, C.L. (2012) “Beyond words: movement observation and analysis” London: Routledge

  • Morrison, M. (1977) “Clear Speech” London: Bloomsbury Methuen drama

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  • Richards, T. (2008) “Heart of Practice within the work center of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards” Oxon: Routledge

  • Rudlin, J. (1994) “Commedia dell’Arte an actor’s handbook” Oxon: Routledge

  • Schmitz, H. (2010) “Complicite rehearsal notes” London: Complicite

  • Sound Waves: The Symphony of Physics. (2017). Dir David Briggs. BBC Studios Open University partnership

  • Spatz, B. (2015) “What a Body can do, technique as knowledge, practice as research” Oxon: Routledge

  • Stella, A. (2000) “Stella Adler the art of acting” New York: Applause Books

  • Suzuki, T. (2006) “The theatre practice of Tadishi Suzuki” London: Bloomsbury Methuen drama

  • Zinder, D. (2002) “Body Voice Imagination, a training for the actor” New York: Routledge

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